Antonyms for bad






moral, decent, noble.

poor quality:

honest, fortunate, reputable, worthy, superior, Undecayed, ok, sophisticated, lucky, pleasing, profitable, just, virtuous, good, beneficial, upright, wonderful, benevolent, right, great, happy, advantageous, true.


mild, easy, nice.


above, satisfied, heartened, cheerful.


jocose, buoyant, happy-go-lucky, jolly, jubilant, undecomposed, life-giving, cheerful, high-minded, undamaged, middling, preserved, thoughtful, amiable, rapturous, welcome, decorous, congenial, elegant, altruistic, fancy, strong, euphoric, glad, laughing, better, creditable, serviceable, exuberant, clean, nonfatal, sufficient, boon, obliging, reputable, complete, genial, sensational, untainted, blithesome, A1, nonpoisonous, lofty, delightful, kind, careless, modest, vital, orderly, mature, received, invigorating, sympathetic, nonpolluting, gladsome, recovering, exultant, benevolent, pleasing, sprightly, kindhearted, optimistic, jaunty, enraptured, functioning, squeaky-clean, intact, entranced, animated, unpolluted, easygoing, correct, premium, gracious, stalwart, sanctioned, lusty, binding, respected, flourishing, mirthful, untouched, grinning, felicitous, unexceptional, permitted, humane, gratified, angelic, nontoxic, supported, satisfying, high, nondestructive, content, delectable, merry, compassionate, grown up, sweet, mannerly, upbeat, thriving, lighthearted, guiltless, rugged, high-grade, propitious, unconcerned, satisfied, impeccable, pleasant, zippy, comfortable, cordial, beaming, hopeful, esteemed, commendable, palliative, polished, considerate, rehabilitated, vivacious, comfy, grateful, gratifying, nonvenomous, cured, excited, handcrafted, borderline, noncorrosive, authorized, blissful, delighted, average, good-natured, cherubic, chaste, incorruptible, rosy, tasteful, unmalicious, minimal, conditioned, first class, Sprightful, tough, encouraged, nonlethal, ecstatic, lively, governable, blooming, beneficent, amorous, sunny, overjoyed, warm, unerring, gladdened, lily-white, rejuvenating, energetic, humanitarian, jocund, elated, springy, loving, chipper, uncorrupted, courteous, joyful, elevated, licensed, approved, cavalier, flush, upright, jocular, polite, adult, thrilled, tender, peppy, exceptional, pristine, solid, permissible, heartened, complying, magnanimous, cheery, unspoiled, jovial, smiling, unobjectionable, hardy, sublime, pure, suitable, spotless, healthful, echt, perky, mean, Buoyed, exhilarated, acquiescent, happy, uncontaminated, endorsed, upstanding, spirited, affectionate, charming, secure, lightsome, unimpaired, sanguine, carefree, dreamy, proper, pleased, blameless, smashing, dutiful, genuine, affable, classical, refined, pleasurable, so-so, gleeful, delicious, complaisant, noninfectious, improved, joyous, slap-up, philanthropic, tenderhearted, working, devil-may-care, salubrious, discreet, frisky, rhapsodic, mediocre, blithe, mending, good-hearted, special, useful, insouciant, warmhearted, immaculate.


good, goodness.

Usage examples for bad

  1. Is it bad for her? – The Princess Priscilla's Fortnight by Elizabeth von Arnim
  2. And the Sockatoo- that was a bad business! – The Firm of Girdlestone by Arthur Conan Doyle
  3. Oh, come now, Parmalee, that's too bad! – The Gold Bag by Carolyn Wells