Usage examples for deteriorate

  1. 51. The monthly periods generally reappear from the twelfth to the fourteenth month from delivery; and when established, as the milk is found invariably to diminish in quantity, and also to deteriorate in quality, and the child is but imperfectly nourished, it is positively necessary in such instances at once to wean it. – The Maternal Management of Children, in Health and Disease. by Thomas Bull, M.D.

Lyrics for deteriorate

  1. We may deteriorate But the trains will run on time The trains will not be late – But The Trains Run On Time by mansun
  2. Dreams of bein a doctor will deteriorate Takin over the underworld was a clearer fate – Teenage Thug by Nas
  3. Once you took my mind to deteriorate Told me that you like me Atrocious and deterrent lies Told me how it is to suffer hate – Frozen Candle by edguy
  4. They say a stone is a marker And that it has weight. The say it's solid But it can deteriorate. – Rose K. by rasputina
  5. It doesn't help that Jill's now sayin' that she's two weeks late His mental state is really startin' to deteriorate – Lost by just jack