Antonyms for determinative



Usage examples for determinative

  1. To any one who does not know State University life, no description can convey anything approaching an adequate notion of the terribly determinative significance of that fact. – The Bent Twig by Dorothy Canfield
  2. The names of all the other vanquished or subject peoples mentioned in the hymn have attached to them the determinative of place; the Israelites alone are without it; they alone have no fixed habitation, no definite locality of their own, so far at least as the writer knew. – Early Israel and the Surrounding Nations by Archibald Sayce

Synonyms for determinative

originative, clincher, cause and effect, tail, indicative, endwise, definite, causal, basis, threshold, what you see is what you get, hindermost, authoritative, arrowhead, hearsay, crucial, potent, terminal, factor, epitope, rearmost, cumulative, implicit, proven, incontrovertible, most telling, occasion, decisive, critical, extreme, licit, payoff, base, determiner, high-priority, hieroglyph, bordering, Ex parte, determining factor, limit, grounds, important, ideogram, unarguable, factual, causation, virtuous, risky, caudal, credible, Rimming, constitutive, satisfying, supposable, Doomful, evidentiary, most probably, fateful, skirting, borderline, reliable, Adducible, Exceptive, conclusive, authentic, indefinite article, pertinent, definite article, evidential, phonetic symbol, cognitive factor, Ogham, determining, Kana, critic, irrefutable, suggestive, pictograph, documentary, impressive, endmost, hiragana, decide, inauspicious, Resultful, presumptive, admissible, unanswerable, stimulus, farthest, damning, aftermost, at first hand, element, antecedents, hieroglyphic, phonetic, relevant, firsthand, logogram, indisputable, limbic, irresistible, eyewitness, restrictive, satisfactory, fundamental, pivotal, principle, bounding, lattermost, sure, documented, founded on, overwhelming, forcible, character, material, rune, cause, effectual, conclusion, definitive, all-important, circumstantial, function word, logograph, occasional, pictogram, polar, Grammalogue, once for all, Irrefragable, radical, Terminating, symptomatic, cuneiform, persuasive, assuring, straight out, wedge, litmus test, Ender, Institutive, influential, unappealable, telling, formative, littoral, outer most, valid, closed-class word, final, uttermost, developmental, etiology, causative, based on, essential, absolute, least, in force, ultimate, ideograph, settled, decisive factor, determinative, fatal, frontier, Attestive, Irrefrangible, determinant, boundary, certain, etiological, causal factor, limiting, seeming, hieroglyphics, Nuncupative, portentous, Fringing, inherent, appropriate, significant, at the end, ground, shaping, call, last, shorthand, decided, terminative, probative, weighty, article, imaginable, eventual, marginal, convincing, katakana, far off, Attestative, antecedent, deciding, coastal, determinate, eye-witness, liminal, determined, attributive.