Usage examples for diminish

  1. His great popularity seemed rather to increase than to diminish, and in 1832, he received no less than 219 electoral votes. – American Men of Action by Burton E. Stevenson
  2. Thus, for want of proper instruction, most American housekeepers not only poison their families with carbonic acid and starve them for want of oxygen, but also diminish health and comfort for want of a due supply of moisture in the air. – The American Woman's Home by Catherine E. Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe

Lyrics for diminish

  1. Yo, I'm like Grimace when I'm on this rap scrimmage And I got this magic, want to make your puny soul diminish – All the Way Live by Tha Alkaholiks
  2. We can slow their business Til their dough diminish – Nobody Moves (Til We Say Go) by street sweeper social club
  3. Til their dough diminish When they meet these demands We'll be foldin spinach Nobody moves til we say go – Nobody Moves (Til We Say Go) by street sweeper social club
  4. Picture every image at the line of scrimmage And all the clothes and the money that might diminish – Tony Montana by Andre Nickatina