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Antonyms of disguise:

discover, unmask, disclose, confess, directness, naivete, disinter, forthrightness, frankness, reveal, lay open, manifest, artlessness, make known, openheartedness, lay bare, admit, candor, raise, straightforwardness, advertise, tell, sincerity, exhume, genuineness, avow, divulge, unveil, plainspokenness, candidness, show, outspokenness, betray, bluntness, exhibit, publish, expose, uncover, promulgate.

Examples of usage for disguise:

Why he would want to disguise was plain, as you shall see presently.

— Martin Hewitt, Investigator, Arthur Morrison.

Thin he remembered his disguise stepped into a doorway, pulled off th' dress an' hat an' flung thim to th' old beggar woman, an' went his way.

— Mr. Trunnell, T. Jenkins Hains.

The time had to come when he must face his fear and test his disguise among the Lhari themselves.

— The Colors of Space, Marion Zimmer Bradley.