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Antonyms of endure:

end, give out, Forfend, circumvent, contest, dismiss, spurn, bypass, droop, escape, succumb, repudiate, resist, surrender, lapse, enjoy, depart, discontinue, quit, leave off, wane, wind up, terminate, reject, dodge, let up, forfeit, close, subside, cease, pass, abandon, die, ebb, miss, migrate, fail, break down, despair, expire, combat, conclude, break, stop, shun, forbear, move, refrain, finish, avoid, give up, fall, decline, faint, turn down, moderate, refuse, abstain, journey, proceed, fight, sink, yield, desist, falter, elude, oppose, evade, abate.

Examples of usage for endure:

Good days we cannot bear, evil we cannot endure

— Selections from the Table Talk of Martin Luther, Martin Luther.

I saw that Jessie could endure nothing more.

— Wives and Widows; or The Broken Life, Ann S. Stephens.

It was too much for flesh and blood to endure

— The Daughters of a Genius, Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey.