Usage examples for feel

  1. I feel quite sure that he had nothing to do with it. – The Vicar of Bullhampton by Anthony Trollope
  2. But I wish I could make you feel the way I do about it. – Red Pepper Burns by Grace S. Richmond
  3. But this I did not feel that it was right to do. – Ten Nights in a Bar Room by T. S. Arthur

Lyrics for feel

  1. You talk, you feel You wanted something that's real – Smart by helmet
  2. The more I touch, the less I feel I'm lying to myself that it's not real – Everything Ends by slipknot
  3. it's not a matter of time or how I feel I'm throwing off the shadow of a better man now what you see is what you never had get real – When You Dont See Me by sisters of mercy
  4. Do you make it feel good? I can make it real good – Didn't Mean To Turn You On by 2nd II None
  5. Cause I can't see the help the way that I feel Looking for an excuse to make it real – I'll Make It All Up To You by Golden Earring