Usage examples for forget

  1. Remember them then, and do not forget them now. – Two Festivals by Eliza Lee Follen
  2. Don't forget me, Rue. – The Dark Star by Robert W. Chambers

Lyrics for forget

  1. You want me to forget Pretend we never met – I Fall to Pieces feat. Patsy Cline by jim reeves
  2. And if you left I'd cry about you But I'd eventually forget If it wasn't for this tattoo You made me get – Love To Love You Less by Nikka Costa
  3. But like I said I don't think of you much There's someone beside me who helps me forget He's shown me how not to think of you now But when I remember you I don't regret. – I've Never Loved Anyone More by Lynn Anderson
  4. I could learn to forget But ' til then I'm here making room for new regrets Now some flowers they never bloom – Some Flowers Bloom Dead by wallflowers
  5. I'm thrilled to discover there is a lot to forget I've done so many things I'll never regret – Freak! by heaven 17