Antonyms for gaffer



Usage examples for gaffer

  1. Then his friends would go away, shaking their heads and sighing, after pausing to impart to Mrs. Wainwright their conviction that her Gaffer was failing. – North, South and Over the Sea by M.E. Francis (Mrs. Francis Blundell)
  2. It won't be my gaffer in any case! – Eve and David by Honore de Balzac
  3. Did you see him come into town this afternoon, Gaffer? – The Boy Scout Aviators by George Durston
  4. The old gaffer said thinly to Kyral, Our name has lost kihar. – The Door Through Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Synonyms for gaffer

auditor, official, fellah, loon, leader, old man, dotard, clodhopper, bolt, hayseed, POPS, buffer, patriarch, chairlady, ancestor, father, rivet, grip, sparrer, governor, villain, superintendent, antique, chairperson, sexagenarian, male, septuagenarian, old stager, presbyter, floorwalker, originator, boor, youth, tike, steed, noncommissioned officer, grandfather, backup man, filmmaker, top banana, Caporal, cloth tape, executive, nestor, paterfamilias, duffer, blade, super, clod, wiler, charger, groundling, stager, elder, foreman, head honcho, Grandam, director, cheater, wage earner, managing director, sirdar, supremo, sire, ganger, president, graybeards, Ryot, lord, numero uno, greybeard, prexy, patron, big cheese, Spearer, swindler, Carle, monarch, beau, hobnail, knob, overseer, straw boss, old geezer, swain, cameraman, Slubberdegullion, founder, golden ager, button, darter, chairwoman, lancer, chief honcho, comptroller, proctor, wight, author, inventor, Looby, Grandsire, Directorial, villein, superior, tyke, stud, man, senior citizen, manual worker, big Chief, head, GUV, glassblower, gaffer, curmudgeon, gov., bog-trotter, rough, gramps, bossman, commandant, yokel, old bag, ringleader, shafter, chieftain, methuselah, working man, lout, codger, plowboy, shopwalker, electrician, floor-walker, gamin, big White Chief, seer, yeoman, rustic, sovereign, architect, older, maker, number one, producer, pantaloon, oldster, art director, paterfamiliases, manager, old bat, senior, churl, captain, biddy, old-timer, chairman, supervisor, cad, proprietor, political boss, big fish, honcho, old dog, plowman, nonagenarian, administrator, PREX, goat, sahib, floor manager, rube, chuff, stunt man, centenarian, granddad, big Daddy, animator, ruler, mister, lineman, fellow, principal, linesman, boss, gentleman, Imposer, boatswain, old boy, stage manager, Overman, top dog, stunt woman, creator, old duffer, kern, generator, old codger, hirer, vice president, warhorse, elf, gaffers, kingpin, moviemaker, taskmaster, bluescreen, put, the man, forewoman, skipper, big boss, adolescence, lunkhead, blower, mossback, serf, old chap, manhood, headman, geezer, hind, chap, sir, longshoreman, crone, veteran, Him, party boss, peasant, best boy, good man, tricker, bumpkin, cub, graybeard, inspector, clown, Gammer, octogenarian, boy, monitor, hick, he, master, controller, chief, employer, oldtimer, pooh-bah, married man, underling, old hand, grand father, owner, husband, countryman, surveyor, commander, visitor, big wheel, juggler, auteur.