Antonyms for gag

silence, stop up:

allow, encourage, free, help, assist, release, aid, let go.

vomit, choke:

idle, soothe, rest, laze.

Usage examples for gag

  1. Then he loosened the gag- it had been cruelly tight- and went his way, again closing the door of the box- car. – The Circular Staircase by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  2. The rope and the gag are ready! – The Huntress by Hulbert Footner
  3. Then, in furious haste, I set to work to remove the gag. – The Devil Doctor by Sax Rohmer
  4. While he was speaking, one of my guards had removed the gag from my mouth, but I made no reply to Zat Arras: simply standing there in silence with level gaze fixed upon the Jed of Zodanga. – The Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Lyrics for gag

  1. I'd shut my mouth with you for a gag I gotta use the rest of you for a rag – She Walks On Me by hole
  2. Why is it just so hard not to gag When a rock star adopts some big issue? Rock star, caught wankin'. " No animal cruelty," they're likely to brag – Been Caught Wankin' by TISM
  3. And dogs wag Dogs eat stuff that make me gag – Why A Dog? by Birdstone & Edgie
  4. Her prob'em is she don't mean to brag, big girls don't cry, they don't even gag. – Wet Remix by Snoop Dogg
  5. You sit around with your old rag How can I talk when you've got the gag? – Babydoll by hole

Synonyms for gag

cork up, verify, sick joke, sight gag, jape, news item, myth, perish, leash, chain, cackle, chains, hackamore, rib-tickler, memoir, jump on, Noosed, put damper on, return, pant, tying down, pass, overacting, sit on, bit, rascality, mystery, check, constipates, insupportable, Manacled, hold tongue, sit, pleasantry, howler, can it, strangulates, characterization, choke, Garroted, retch, suffer, falsification, soft pedal, conk, have qualms, ties down, recital, act, fairy story, romance, hoax, frolic, torpedo, choking off, pinioned, apophthegm, restrain, zinger, rib tickler, cat, cord, silencer, squash, miming, hush one's mouth, changeableness, Equivoke, URP, monkeyshine, hobble, posturings, embargo, prostrate, article, stultify, edda, wheeze, stoppered, visual joke, epigram, gibbet, emasculate, sketch, quit chattering, strangulate, account, barb, humorousness, unendurable, playing, pun, shufflings, snuff it, suspires, vomit, spout, quip, gasp, keep quiet, hot, decrease the volume, gag, stranglehold, blunt, bottle up, differential, Mimicking, turn down, fuss, cuff, shenanigan, leg-pull, dirty joke, smother, carsick, Overawing, Garroting, hogtie, buy the farm, burke, say nothing, old saw, dig, headstall, boggle, facetiousness, mischievousness, safety belt, portrayal, hushcloth, measure, clam up, drollery, dry up, chuck, Entrammel, frisky, notability, long and short of it, parting shot, fable, Mummeries, jive, arouse, sicken, intolerable, activity, yoke, stumble, speciality, subdue, buffoonery, serials, airsick, shut off, coughed up, nauseate, perform, hold down, shut down, dodge, disappear, quieten, shies, Stoppering, repress, get sick, inconstancies, conceit, keep trap shut, compact, propitiate, tie one's hands, fray, espieglerie, witty comment, sourdine, practical joke, cork, Dumfounder, reins in, chafe, scruple, straitjacket, jokes, silence, whodunit, mimic, drive a truck, ward off, record, sidesplitter, closing up, corked up, Quashed, tongue tie, Jollies, keep down, hush-hush, chuck up, inconstancy, insufferable, upchucking, babble, business, Cantrip, balk, prankishness, Burkes, hold back, Gibbeted, be seasick, LINEs, play on words, manacle, piece, mischievous trick, folktale, swaddle, ham, old chestnut, jives, jocosity, personation, projection, zingers, personate, Double dealing, retches, dirty tricks, chronicle, irritate, dissimulation, croak, spike, subterfuge, rant, joke, stick, hamper, Buffooneries, schtick, shows, dampen, nonfiction, cast, reined in, excited, foul, Ligaments, put a stop to, heave up, Hopples, damp, rub, fakery, Torpedoes, play, strangle, tale, dried up, fool notion, harness, chuckle, recounting, shy, retort, muzzle, tomfoolery, shut, apothegm, decease, quench, fret, niggle, potboilers, be nauseated, enact, burked, acoustic tile, bon mot, stanch, keep the lid on, jibe, be sick, sitting on, escapade, tie up, compress, be nauseous, held down, misstatement, choked off, joking, trick, were sick, play a part, egest, bonds, die, sick, wow, Clammed, tape up, struggle for breath, prankster, reduce to silence, panic, slapstick, inactivating, pulled back, hoke, jeu de theatre, covered up, fickleness, belly laugh, dido, mimesis, keep in line, quash, gibbets, point, overawed, fall silent, closed up, smart remark, fastening, feigning, stop, toss one's cookies, sally, cut, funny remark, billow, boffola, crack, suffocate, ludicrousness, discourage, patter, boff, stop up, dumbed, chatter, cool it, garrotte, tread the boards, vomit up, eat away, chestnuts, dirty story, put the lid on, gyves, pantomiming, detective story, jestbook, restraint, allegory, ethnic joke, waywardness, cool out, good one, zaniness, pillory, mimicry, dumbing, sit down on, inactivate, mute, censor, blow lunch, edit, suppress, yack, clamming up, tether, smash, chat, hog-tie, act a part, congest, yak, dulls, hobbles, funny story, stage business, restraints, back up, prank, antiphons, fast one, Stickling, jib, was sick, press, cover up, bond, keep it down, overawes, thought, blow grits, Retched, heave, gesture, coughing up, corked, pinion, buckle, garrotes, cough up, chunder, impersonation, Re-mark, torpedoed, obstruct, gun muzzle, struggle, clip, short story, caper, constrict, Cavesson, band, witty remark, quiet down, staunched, pin down, imitate, wind-up, tie down, bring to screeching halt, stage directions, rehearse, string, giggle, stunting, spew, purge, feature, wordplays, contract, bring up, hurt, temper, staunching, pulls back, Conte, handcuffs, saying nothing, mollify, roguishness, funny, still, bridle, aphorism, join, take the bite out of, dumbfound, HAHA, iron, pull back, clamp down on, straightjacket, toppers, history, dummy up, drying up, paralyze, Skylarking, throw up, horseplay, staunches, scratch, collar, antic, pulling back, chestnut, mis-statement, in formation, hold one's tongue, high spirits, regurgitate, impishness, toss cookies, roughhousing, dumb act, wordplay, witticism, short stories, trammels, fetter, Specialities, disarm, eat into, fool's errand, excite, deflate, deaden, differentials, balmed, constrain, thriller, Strangulated, fairy tale, handcuff, riot, clamp down, pretense, rejoinder, secure, Bilbo, gets sick, potboiler, drown, PUNS, box up, spit up, laughter, spue, Ralph, pinions, sordino, come up, closes up, twine, Baffler, caprice, blue story, be unwilling, hopple, fooling around, quiet, wisecrack, put stop to, guy, brake, muffler, rein in, whimsicalities, shush, jest, ha-ha, quieted down, halter, gage, overawe, repartee, extinguish, constipate, clammed up, decrease volume, sit upon, throttle, clever remark, warp, bearing rein, saga, one-liner, shed, stifle, narrative, kick the bucket, spew up, stop talking, hush, Shying, garrote, hinder, lock up, Stickled, soundproofing, drive the bus, fitfulness, mitigate, tall story, payof, Noosing, wit, hush up, performance, be loath, Gibbeting, MOTS, Keck, humor, legend, banter, Fabliau, drop dead, torpedoing, asphyxiate, mot, bilious, mischief, hokum, do the technicolor yawn, fun, dummied up, epic, Waggeries, cloy, past bearing, corking up, Funnies, Harnessing, locked up, picket, bind, shenanigans, clog up, rubber band, take-in, snaffle, representation, pray to the porcelain god, non-fiction, Strait-waistcoat, kept down, waggery, stocks, ruse, story, Bottled, mummery, demur, wittiness, reins, crack down on, shut up, bloated, erode, yarn, performing, dampener, occlude, hem in, Retching, patch things up, Dulling, antiphon, iced, dirty trick, ribbons, irons, rope up, come out, puke, ploy, horror story, martingale, inhibit, Sordine, rope, tongue-tie, cable, surge, be reluctant, quell, zippers, Yuk, rowdiness, quietened, strain, chunders, Suspired, on the pull, tied down, Gest, belch forth, Manacling, strike dumb, disgorge, regorge, wile, cut short, clamping down, inactivates, hold it down, acting, think twice about, Geste, covering up, upchucks, shavie, suspire, quelch, smart crack, close up, tie, rein, fasten, gall, struck dumb, lose one's lunch, spew out, Clamming, jocularity, gauge, put lid on, cushion, tie in, covers up, choke off, jig, choke back, ligament, roguery, desire, want, cuffs, damper, upchuck, pop off, Equivoque, squeeze, strangulating, suspiring, deception, Bottling, crack down, swathe, devilment, laugh, Stagery, heft up, holder, pacify, inactivated, folktales, disable, locking up, antiknock, hamstring, back answer, smooth over, gibe, hot foot, trammel, scream, health, rankle, corking, dry heave, parable, notion, debrief, playacting, unbearable, be asphyxiated, graze, keep under, whimsicality, funny business, truss, enchain, stunt, Pinioning, sport, good story, capriccio, constipating, muffle, shaggy-dog story, anecdote, go, stickle, shackle, reject, curb, falsifications, heft, Burking, pipe down, scruples, truss up, stickles, zipper, camisole, scheme, groan, gunpoint, dumbs, squelch, barfing, bandage, crush, randy.