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Antonyms of giggle:

grimace, moan, frown, mouth, face, scowl, pout, wail, groan, lower, cry.

Examples of usage for giggle:

She stared and then began to giggle

— Jane Journeys On, Ruth Comfort Mitchell.

Back in the saloon there were men who began to giggle

— First Fam'lies of the Sierras, Joaquin Miller.

She held up her head like a queen and turned her handsome white face full towards Jim Tenny and the girl for whom he had jilted her before, as they drove past, and bowed and smiled in a fashion which made the red flame up over the young man's swarthy cheek, and the pretty girl at his side shrink a little and avert her tousled fair head with a nervous giggle

— The Portion of Labor, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman.