Usage examples for ignore

  1. Therefore he managed to ignore to a great extent the physical pain and discomfort he went through, as he ignored them all through his life, except when ill health interfered with the accomplishment of his work. – Honore de Balzac, His Life and Writings by Mary F. Sandars
  2. " I've been trying to ignore it, but I simply can't. – Murder in the Gunroom by Henry Beam Piper
  3. Now she knew that she could no longer ignore the influence which had entered into her life in this strange manner, not understood by her material self. – There was a King in Egypt by Norma Lorimer

Lyrics for ignore

  1. And I ain't tryin' to ignore ya... But money talks - you should let your money talk for ya. – Stand Up by lil scrappy
  2. But the olders told me ignore it Cause I really ain't got time for it – Paranoid by dizzee rascal
  3. And take anymore? Looking up blindly And try to ignore It's better to miss it – Subject To Change by sum 41
  4. They say " how pathetic" passed out on the floor This trustee complicit Who collectively ignore – Architects by rise against
  5. Oh come let us adore him Abuse and then ignore him – A Change Of Seasons by dream theater