Usage examples for inferior

  1. Is one drop of water inferior to another? – Editorials-from-the-Hearst-Newspapers by Brisbane, Arthur
  2. The Koreans complain, however, that, apart from this, the system of teaching established for Koreans in Korea is inferior to that established for Japanese there. – Korea's Fight for Freedom by F.A. McKenzie
  3. She only regretted, now she had left him, the false and mistaken sense of duty which had kept her so long tied to an inferior soul she could never love, and did wrong to marry. – The British Barbarians by Grant Allen

Lyrics for inferior

  1. The curriculum, of the school criteria In fact what I learned I found inferior – Ya Know the Rules by boogie down productions
  2. Intellect superior, Walk in a room and make the whole interior, inferior – Record Company Pimpin' by Ice Cube
  3. But the salt think it taste better, straight up superior Therefore, the flavor of the pepper's inferior – Anger In The Nation by Pete Rock And CL Smooth
  4. And this complex he imagined made life drearier and drearier Till his analyst assured him that he really was inferior – Psychotherapy by Safka Melanie
  5. Inferior to the superior – Subordinate To The Domination by pestilence