Usage examples for injure

  1. If I had meant to injure you, I would have kept the letter; but I won't urge this. – Johnstone of the Border by Harold Bindloss
  2. " I did injure you, but the injury came to you early in life, and sat lightly on you. – The Claverings by Anthony Trollope
  3. And I don't want to do anything in the world that will injure you. – Counsel for the Defense by Leroy Scott

Lyrics for injure

  1. ( better yet listen), cause carlos a true avenger, Sort of like a ninja or a king in all his splendor, ( Remember, love can be as cold as december), Unless its in its truest form, I could never injure, – I Wasn't Ready by Marques Houston
  2. Yo I leave with no injure After I blow four one in ya One handstand on top of your ninja Crashin' Doc stir the madness – Off The Wall by Eminem
  3. Like the cobra and ninja My intentions to injure – Bring Our Boys by D12