Usage examples for less

  1. A man was never meant to do less than his best, Edwitha. – In the Days of the Guild by Louise Lamprey
  2. The child gave less trouble every day; one could almost see him grow. – Iermola by Joseph Ignatius Kraszewksi

Lyrics for less

  1. I hate that mirror It makes me feel so worthless I'm an original sinner But when I'm with you I couldn't care less – Getting Away With It by pet shop boys
  2. More Efficient Ways To Confess We Got To Know The Truth No Less – Who Must Die? by sepultura
  3. - A fairy garden; - none the less Throughout these gracious paths of mine All day there should be free access For stricken hearts and lives that pine; – Had I The Power That Have The Will by Robert Louis Stevenson
  4. When you should love him less Why sneak up behind him And take his mess? – IT HURTS ME TOO by foghat
  5. But here you can start with less And make a success! – Success by Unknown Author