Antonyms for machinate

maneuver, plot:

ignore, disorganize, neglect, forget, leave alone.

Synonyms for machinate

complot, connive, call down, thought up, blueprinting, put one over, go around, fake it, get, trick up, co-operate, arise, prepare, Maneuvered, set up, trick, educate, conjure up, plot, invoke, ascertain, prink, spark, bone, hatch, gerrymander, deck up, dream up, pioneer, lay, intrigues, groom, cook, contrive, coordinate, finagle, devise, promote, think up, gussy up, work up, put out a contract, bid, entreat, put forward, invent, finesse, maneuver, Caballed, rise, negotiate, pull strings, crafted, gear up, fig up, cogitate, tog up, angle, produce, push around, ADLIB, counterplot, fig out, leave holding the bag, swot, plan, press, cram, fiddle, put through, organise, erect, manage, laying, unionise, went around, mug up, conceive, direct, bring up, tog out, machinate, manipulate, conspire, formulate, masterminding, form, brew, blueprinted, dope out, orchestrate, scheme, scammed, initiate, be in cahoots, trick out, Confederating, ready, collude, going around, mastermind, Caballing, Swot Up, work something out, operate, co-operates, putting one on, overdress, countermine, cook up, Operated, compass, develop, framed up, lift, stir, Schemed, collogue, DO, manoeuvre, rig out, bone up, define, pushing around, adjure, conjure, Confederated, call forth, deck out, play games, play by ear, jockey, unionize, frame up, mounted, fancy up, let, crafting, throw together, planned, laid, get in bed with, be in cahoots with, concoct, ad lib, rouse, co-operated, drum, get up, raise, swing, regulate, trump up, elevate, arouse, playing games, rig, attire, hit upon, excogitate, design, work out, put one on, pull wires, create, work, come with, put over, cabal, uprise, work hand in glove, train, organize, come up with, forge, arrange, put, budge, beseech, engineer, evoke, cogitable, grind away, scamming, make, Crimes, frame, co-operating, fix, wangle, wire, set, dress up, intrigue.