Antonyms for machinery

devices performing work:


Usage examples for machinery

  1. Just a lot of machinery. – Danger at the Drawbridge by Mildred A. Wirt
  2. But next moment Peer led them through into a side- room, with tools and machinery evidently having no connection with the rest. – The Great Hunger by Johan Bojer
  3. When he neared us he moved slowly, his hands working like machinery. – Red Saunders' Pets and Other Critters by Henry Wallace Phillips
  4. Does that put the machinery of your mind in motion? – Philosophy of Osteopathy by Andrew T. Still
  5. He promptly erected the machinery and started this new branch of business. – James Watt by Andrew Carnegie

Lyrics for machinery

  1. All this dependence on modern machinery Come for the week and you'll stay for the scenery – Kansas City 90210 by From Autumn To Ashes
  2. We could find no cleaner retreat from life's machinery Than our mountain greenery with its mountain scenery – Mountain Greenery by supremes
  3. Yet we dwell with devil's machinery in lower levels of raped scenery – Save The Children by sole
  4. She stole the scene and the scenery The script and the machinery – She's Got A New Spell by Billy Bragg
  5. My what lovely scenery cupid's own machinery – Let's Be Friendly by Dean Martin

Synonyms for machinery

printing machine, device, devices, snow thrower, munitions, rig, engineering, organization, moldboard plow, breaker, impedimenta, array, clockworks, servomechanism, manner, installation, technology, Tedder, Accoutrements, mode, Movements, get-up, Swather, appliance, Plants, big beast, ingenious device, snowplow, thrasher, accoutrement, drive, gearbox, insides, power plant, bucket, pile driver, duffel, armament, habiliments, channel, enginery, gimmick, power shovel, tackling, addressing machine, cog, trick, disk harrow, drag, automobile, power train, crab, hydraulic press, shebang, moving parts, clockwork, vehicle, machines, material, weapon, lawn mower, facility, drop hammer, seeder, electronic components, medium, expedient, shifts, work, typewriter, planter, Power Source, hoist, manufactories, fixture, utensil, plans, thresher, steam shovel, equipage, folding machine, tractor, bulldozer, belt, fixtures, contrivance, kit and kaboodle, press, gin, instrumentality, thingumajig, provisions, gambit, gadget, tackle, grader, motor, things, windlass, fitting, stepping-stones, procedure, apparatus, machine, mechanical, triphammer, hardware, crane, stock in trade, motion, resort, mechanization, cam, lieutenancy, dishwasher, dredger, motive power, plumbing, grabber, manufactory, requisites, baler, inner workings, guts, haymaker, equipment, machinery, applied science, roller, strategy, machination, grabbers, gear, contraption, staples, manoeuvre, navvy, munition, appliances, snowblower, adding machine, intermediation, ploy, installations, structure, scheme, tele-communications, gears, arrangement, mean, conductor, engine, plant, high tech, means, stratagem, kit, workings, tool, paraphernalia, ruse, wheels within wheels, lister, drive train, agency, recourse, utensils, header, mechanizations, method, constitution, scientific knowledge, harrow, clunker, ministry, automaton, scientific know-how, dredge, furnishings, widget, press drill, black box, system, WHOSIS, out lay, Telecommunications, gadgetry, mechanical device, scooter, mediation, water wheel, wheels, artifice, furniture, machineries, motorcycle, whatsis, parts, materiel, harvester, jobs, threshing machine, derrick, pusher, rigging, Facilities, button, fittings, beet harvester, tactic, steppingstone, action, whatchamacallit, gubbins, accouterment, washing machine, ball bearing, robotics, movement, instrument, carriage, sewing machine, sprayer, bean harvester, cotton picker, Appointments, Provisioning, cultivator, plow, Accouterments, way, binder, sewer, basis, works, hi tech, rake, innards, plot, proxy, camshaft, grain harvester, service, organ, mower, implement, compressor, chamber, stepping-stone, middlebreaker, gaffs, technical knowledge, packager, conveniences, delegation, Planing Machine, arms, agent, gaff, technique, ancillary, disk, scraper, empowerment, power mower, convenience, thingamajig, utility, backhoe, deputation, combine, steam hammer, instrumentation, mechanism, components, appurtenances, outfit, industrial science, automation, bearing, edger, drill, carryall, steamroller.