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Antonyms of pretty:

ill-favored, Irksome, unpleasant, distressing, sad, deformed, distasteful, Rankling, forbidding, tragic, unacceptable, dreary, disturbing, Angering, insipid, joyless, unsuitable, hostile, uncouth, inadequate, unsightly, depressing, repugnant, indecent, stale, abominable, graceless, nauseating, heartbreaking, inexpert, doleful, unbecoming, dismal, repellent, Riling, frumpy, inept, vexing, miserable, exasperating, revolting, perturbing, god-awful, inapt, awkward, indecorous, uncomely, shocking, horrid, inflaming, yucky, Misbecoming, abhorrent, upsetting, ugly, incapable, nasty, obnoxious, unattractive, incompetent, unsavory, disagreeable, odious, gorgonian, Enraging, terrible, unappetizing, clumsy, unfitting, frumpish, foul, ghastly, intolerable, unskillful, incorrect, dolorous, unimposing, annoying, incompatible, commonplace, unbeautiful, disgusting, vile, unaesthetic, wretched, Pleasureless, unwelcome, incongruous, wrong, infelicitous, detestable, ungainly, grim, good, unpretty, inapplicable, unpalatable, boring, deplorable, unfit, bad, unhappy, repulsive, lugubrious, uncongenial, gloomy, aggravating, unsatisfactory, unprepossessing, Unmeet, sickening, inappropriate, Unapt, lachrymose, Unhandsome, witchy, unlovely, intimidating, plain, mournful, unseemly, irritating, frightful, hateful, hideous, peeving, lamentable, Dissatisfying, hellish, infuriating, homely, sorrowful, horrible, incensing, Unbeseeming, Revulsive, Outraging, inapposite, improper, displeasing, untrained, Haggish, grotesque, loathsome, unqualified, regrettable, unshapely, unskilled, tedious, heartrending, dull, offensive, grisly, malapropos, dreadful, maddening, unpleasing, objectionable, flat, disheartening, unappealing, bilious.

Examples of usage for pretty:

I may say that just at that moment I was pretty content with myself.

— The Dew of Their Youth, S. R. Crockett.

I thought we were talking about what was pretty to look at.

— The Duke's Children, Anthony Trollope.

Don't you call that pretty good?

— Virginia of Elk Creek Valley, Mary Ellen Chase.