Usage examples for succeed

  1. Yes, I did; and you are right in thinking that the same persons cannot succeed in both. – Plato's Republic by Plato
  2. But it seems to me they must succeed." – Daisy in the Field by Elizabeth Wetherell
  3. How did it succeed, this odd fancy? – Kitty's Class Day And Other Stories by Louisa M. Alcott

Lyrics for succeed

  1. The constant pressure from our parents, to succeed But we don't know where to turn to, we don't know who to believe – Hold Me by Jamestown Story
  2. Oh please, won't you concede I'm only a boy trying to succeed – Won't You Concede by Kevin Rowe
  3. That doesn't need much to succeed Strapped with mad greed and a heart that doesn't bleed – Slippin' by DMX
  4. But it seems I succeed When my heart feels the need – It's What I'm Thinking by badly drawn boy
  5. I ve got a life to lead, I care if I succeed I got to find my way I ve got a life to lead, I take just what I need That's where I will stay – Life To Lead by anvil