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Antonyms of success:

failure, loser, nonstarter, unsuccessful person, defeat, disappointment, miscarriage, retreat, destruction, disaster, frustration, overthrow, rout, fizzle, lemon, bomb, bummer, bust, catastrophe, clinker, debacle, dud, fiasco, flop, misfire, turkey, washout, botch, cock-up, mess, muddle, shambles, letdown, loss, setback, nonachievement.

Examples of usage:

" I expect really he's jealous of your success.

— Helena Brett's Career, Desmond Coke.

Once it is a success, I shall go on; I shall see America, I shall come to know this whole country of mine, all of it!

— The Mardi Gras Mystery, H. Bedford-Jones.

I knew I could make a success of it.

— Famous Prima Donnas, Lewis Clinton Strang.