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Antonyms of success:

cock up, catastrophe, bust, retreat, clinker, bomb, miscarriage, washout, failure, botch, turkey, dud, misfire, unsuccessful person, nonachievement, disaster, lemon, fiasco, rout, loser, destruction, overthrow, flop, mess, nonstarter, fizzle, frustration, bummer, loss, letdown, setback, disappointment, shambles, debacle, muddle, defeat.

Examples of usage for success:

Once it is a success I shall go on; I shall see America, I shall come to know this whole country of mine, all of it!

— The Mardi Gras Mystery, H. Bedford-Jones.

" I expect really he's jealous of your success

— Helena Brett's Career, Desmond Coke.

I knew I could make a success of it.

— Famous Prima Donnas, Lewis Clinton Strang.