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Antonyms of synchronization:

desynchronizing, asynchronism, desynchronization, desynchronisation, asynchrony.

Examples of usage for synchronization:

Moving with the perfect synchronization of a single unit, one of the main groups came shambling in, followed an instant later by the other group.

— Zehru of Xollar, Hal K. Wells.

When this has been accomplished and when the synchronization of brain and speech organs has been brought about, the muscles of speech do not hesitate in responding to a brain message for the utterance of a word.

— Stammering, Its Cause and Cure, Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue.

This kind of synchronization or timing is intersubjective for the clues or reasons for encouraging or waiting are not found solely in the patient's behavior nor only in the nurse's knowledge or experience.

— Humanistic-Nursing, Paterson, Josephine G..