Antonyms for gad

roam about:

stay, go direct, be direct.

Usage examples for gad

  1. For, if you should put me to death, you will not easily find such another, though it may be ridiculous to say so, altogether attached by the deity to this city as to a powerful and generous horse, somewhat sluggish from his size, and requiring to be roused by a gad- fly; so the deity appears to have united me, being such a person as I am, to the city, that I may rouse you, and persuade and reprove every one of you, nor ever cease besetting you throughout the whole day. – Apology, Crito, and Phaedo of Socrates by Plato
  2. Also many people crossed over the Jordan to the land of Gad and Gilead. – The Children's Bible by Henry A. Sherman Charles Foster Kent
  3. You'll be sure to become the worst of gad- abouts- Europe, the far East, and all that. – The Main Chance by Meredith Nicholson
  4. Gad, they've got pluck. – On Land And Sea At The Dardanelles by Thomas Charles Bridges

Lyrics for gad

  1. I think you'd better go now I'm gettin' mighty mad You ask me to give up the only love I ever gad – You Better Move On by Dean Martin
  2. splitte loung'en ad, luk op for noget had og dine drenge de ku' blande sig hvis de gad – Min Tilstand by L.O.C.
  3. I think you'd better go now I'm gettin' mighty mad You'd ask me to give up the only love I've ever gad. – You Better Move On by Johnny Paycheck

Synonyms for gad

branch line, rachis, divagate, impetus, picker, wandered away, prickle, Peragrate, anxiety reaction, saunter, wander off, Jaunting, whip, sprangle, spur, go astray, cruise, travel, draws near, spur track, kicked around, rowel, vagabonded, patrol, globe trot, knock, hoity-toity, knock around, ramblers, vagabond, voyagers, deviate, flit, point, jaunt, love, Jaunted, quill, take the road, go, go the rounds, mucked, incentive, meander, circumambulated, good grief, Voyaged, incitement, lash, is lost, gadfly, meanderers, spurring, drifter, prod, stray, delight in, knock about, kick around, keep steady pace, wanderer, Bummed, traipse, Fared, heyday, drew near, spike, struggle along, my goodness, traveled, Voyaging, swan, halloo, globetrot, bird of passage, roamer, aberrated, take wing, goading, flutter, wanders off, scudding, Vagabondize, revel in, globetrotter, bum, digress, prowl, spine, Snaking, Boated, backbone, loiter, hopscotch, knave, circumambulating, Trooped, Nomadize, goes astray, Inexpectation, Humph, loaf, gallivanter, meanderer, good gracious, travel on foot, surely, take to the road, ramble, like, draw near, stroller, going on foot, visitant, gadabout, go on foot, wrap, be lost, range, expatiate, Trooping, bless the mark, vagabonding, anxiety disorder, went astray, drift, globe-trotting, kicking around, takes a walk, impulse, strong, jazz around, throw, sprangled, go in for, prodding, indeed, roll, nomad, voyage, straggler, dear me, floater, hem, Bumming, What, Zigzagged, lose one's way, swear, Strolled, stroll, going astray, go all over the map, gallivant, Excurse, Zigzagging, Sauntered, be carried along, hit the road, take/find pleasure in (doing) something, spreadeagle, sprangling, hover, globetrotting, go amiss, goodness gracious, urge, rambler, go-that-a-way, flirt, float, generalized anxiety disorder, depart, peregrinate, weave, roamers, perambulate, sail, Circumnutate, thorn, be all over the map, drawing near, drive, spread-eagle, stimulus, have your fun, Striding, peripatetic, roam, wander, migrate, Lackadaisy, hopscotched, circumambulate, Welladay, excurses, hit the trail, sting, bat, aberrate, Peregrinator, circumlocute, cast, mover, bat around, drink in, dancing, Oxgoad, peregrine, enjoy, itinerant, wander about, walk, journey, itinerants, goad, rover, Danced, be abandoned, get sidetracked, mucking, wander away, emigrate, count ties, floaters, walk the tracks, globe-trotter, urging, get, gad, take a walk, go with the tide, go about, bum around, upchuck, spread eagle, motivation, voyager, err, Promenaded, runabout, push on, Snaked, follow one's nose, beachcomber, traverse, really, tour, whiplash, trek, rove, Promenading, straggle, Zounds, troubadour, ingot, maunder, move, Acantha, beachcombers, Wayfare, globe-trot, run around, rolling stone, swerve, wandered off, Lo, inducement, mooch, zigzags.