Usage examples for macabre

  1. And then a macabre thought entered his mind, left over from his exotic dream: Where was the cyanide pill? – Undo-a-Novel-By-Joe-Hutsko by Hutsko, Joe

Synonyms for macabre

death wish, unwholesome, blue, carcass, long, drop, kinky, yecchy, croak, rigor mortis, doornail, ghostly, kick off, sadistic, sleazeball, drown, nightmare, in extremis, scary, road kill, frightening, redoubtable, stillbirth, grim, iniquitous, grotesque, relentless, astounding, watery, die off, cot death, horrific, pass, crib death, ghost, cruel, fearful, gruesome, starving, flagitious, shuddersome, ashen, nauseating, push, dreaded, creepy, goner, Defunctive, unappeasable, stiff, dreadful, pale, fatality, corpse, formidable, cadaver, ruthless, ghostlike, traumatic, lifeless, sticky, road toll, nauseated, unspeakable, abhorrent, corpselike, death, foot, awe-inspiring, gory, cadaverous, stillborn, loss, necrophilia, mordant, grabber, uncanny, weird, coroner, necrophiliac, awesome, monstrous, wan, starve, bury, lose, the Grim Reaper, go, spine-chilling, succumb, perish, blood-curdling, mortality, pasty, life-and-death, charnel, black, pitiless, late, abominable, direful, unreal, decease, sorry, bloodcurdling, extinction, pass on, die, stomach-turning, kick, offensive, evil, body, wicked, nature, alarming, lurid, stern, fell, unearthly, vile, lay, fallen, chilling, ugly, unbalanced, depressing, foul, brain death, beautiful, repulsive, hideous, gone, shocking, Teratoid, peg, deceased, deathlike, god, expire, nightmarish, drawn, menacing, masochistic, suffocate, ghastly, stone-dead, sids, departed, D, six, frightful, Drowning, wraithlike, sado-masochistic, terrible, ferocious, terrific, end, peace, sick, vicious, bent, dispiriting, pass away, death throes, remains, casualty, fade, repugnant, strike, number, nerdy, sinister, toll, tremendous, bizarre, grave, knell, done, bloodthirsty, depart, posthumous, flatline, mortal, horrible, sudden infant death syndrome, meet, haggard, predecease, pop off, Open verdict, barbaric, unforgiving, spookish, die out, horrendous, deadly, last, lowdown, passing, horrifying, gloomy, fall, pop, buy, atrocious, deathbed, schrecklich, feral, horrid, dread, merciless, sink, heinous, nauseous, Grewsome, brutal, bereave, accidental death, terrifying, sickening, morbid, ill, deathly pale, forbidding, unhealthy, strange, pallid, crazy, demise, pay, dismal, harrowing, inhuman, deathly, unconventional, ghoulish, Blood-stained, savage, terminal, good, mad, shuffle, death toll, life, intimidating, eerie, sepulchral, dour, Fiendish, scuzzy, dire, sacrifice, spooky, breathe, disagreeable, nasty, hour, revolting, breath, low-down, peculiar, morbidity, eldritch, loathsome, the disappeared, rest, spectral, leave, hair-raising, snuff, grisly, off, peg out, awful, queasy, fearsome, inexorable, repellent, disconsolate, bite, starvation, livid, mortuary, dead, inquest, far-out, dying, unrelenting, odd, dark, disgusting, appalling, grody.