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Antonyms of terrific:

pleasurable, undignified, pathetic, lousy, middling, agreeable, mediocre, rotten, pleasing, contemptible, delectable, delightful, beggarly, lowly, unalarming, second class, bad, substandard, paltry, soothing, mild, wretched, execrable, poor, base, low-grade, cheering, humble, atrocious, attractive, terrible, enjoyable, commonplace, satisfying, delicious, ordinary, vulgar, appealing, inviting, enticing, vile, inferior, mean, welcome, unsatisfactory, despicable, awful, pleasant, comforting, second-rate.

Examples of usage for terrific:

In the meantime the ice had separated, and the ship was again afloat; but I cared not: all my ideas were concentrated in the pleasures of the table- and the next morning I went on deck to obtain a piece of meat, when I was astonished at a terrific growl.

— The Pacha of Many Tales, Captain Frederick Marryat.

The heat was terrific

— The Safety Curtain, and Other Stories, Ethel M. Dell.

This produced a terrific storm of abuse from Gowan.

— Up in Ardmuirland, Michael Barrett.